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Diverse Educator Pathways in PSESD are committed to an educator workforce that represents the diverse community we serve. To achieve these goals, we must work together to transform the systems that prepare, identify and retain our Black, Indigenous and Educators of Color.

In this toolkit, you will read and be encouraged to share stories about the experiences of BIPOC educators to guide those who are interested in starting their journeys in education. Our goal is to communicate the benefits of being an educator, the support systems and professional organizations that nurture professional development and growth in the Puget Sound, and the necessary steps toward a career in education.

Where are you on your journey to becoming a teacher? Whether you’re coming to a career in education Before College, as a Career Changer, a District Employee, a Military Veteran, or from Out of State, we’ll share stories of educators that can walk you through the resources available to find your pathway to a career in education.

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