FAQ’s: Becoming an Educator in the PSESD Region

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  1. How do I pay for tuition to an educator preparation program? 
    1. Create an account on the Washboard.org to be matched with scholarships that you may be eligible for.
    2. The Professional Educator Standards Board has compiled information on scholarships and resources
    3.  Some districts participate in programs that provide some funding to paraeducators who enter a district-sponsored Grow Your Own program. Check with your districts’ HR department for more information. This is not available in every district. 
    4. Washington Student Achievement Council has a specific scholarship for paraeducators who are on the road to becoming teachers.
  2. I have decided to become a teacher. What’s the next step? 
    1. Check with the Human Resources department in your district to see what programs or partnerships are available. Some districts have a partnership with a college or university that will allow you to remain employed as a paraeducator while you take classes (A “Grow Your Own” program).
    2.  Figure out which “route to certification” is the right one for you by visiting TeachWa.org. This will help you narrow down what your options are. 
    3. If you have questions, contact our Educator Pathways Navigator!
  3. When should I start? 
    1. Different programs have different start dates. If your district has a Grow Your Own Partnership with a college/university, check with them to see what the start dates are. 
  4. I need an AA degree. What’s my next step? 
    1. Our local community colleges want to help you! You may be closer than you think to attaining your AA. Contact the advising office at your local community college to meet with an advisor and get information about transcript evaluation, degree options, and the right pathway for you.
  5. I need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. What’s my next step? 
    1. These are approved teacher certification programs in Washington State. Many options are available--you can earn your certificate through either a Bachelor’s or Master’s program. Check with the specific institution about their application process. 
  6. I have a degree from another country. What’s my next step?
    1. You will need to meet the requirements for teacher certification in Washington State. Review the requirements at the Professional Educators Standards Board 
  7. I was a teacher in another country. What’s my next step?
    1. The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction can review your certificate earned in a country other than the US.