Teach for Liberation

ECLC group supporting each other

A NEW service to strengthen the ecosystem of support for educators of color in their schools and districts.

Educators of Color name positive relationships with supervisors and colleagues as one of their top retention supports. Additionally, they name that positive relationships happen when colleagues and supervisors lead with a racial equity lens and are active accomplices in creating supportive and inclusive environments in schools and districts. 

  • T4L is a space to create an “ecosystem” of support around educators of color.  We recognize that retaining and supporting our educators of color must be a community-wide effort that is not limited to affinity spaces or ECLC. 
  • The goal of T4L: 
    • To strengthen relationships between Educators of Color and their principals/colleagues/mentors/supervisors
    • To build capacity and racial equity leadership with the principals, colleagues, mentors and supervisors of educators of color
    • To connect all educators to the abundance of wisdom and resources in our local Communities of Color. 

Educators of Color enrolled in ECLC will have the opportunity to invite a supervisor, principal, colleague and/or mentor to participate in T4L with them. Together, Educators of Color and their support network will co-create goals that will lead to climates that value and uplift educators of color in their own school/district. 
T4L participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Educator of Color support, growth, and retention. Participants will learn from: 

  • Educators of color
  • Community-based organizations and community leaders
  • Local experts on educator of color retention

PSESD Diverse Educator Pathways staff will support in-district check-ins to support progress toward goals, coaching and thought partnership. 

SCHEDULE (based on District “available” days): 

  • Launch in person- Thursday, 1/11/24, 10:00 am-3:00 pm at Tabor100 (Tukwila, WA)
  • In person site visit- Tuesday, 1/30/24, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, location TBD
  • In person check in at your school site- February-early March (scheduled individually)
  • In person site visit- Thursday, 3/14/24, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, location TBD
  • Virtual - optional drop-in check ins with Érica- available all day- Thursday, 5/16/24
  • Wrap Up/Debrief/Celebration- in person, Wednesday, 6/5/24 

Teach for Liberation is adapted from the  T4L Curricular Framework, developed by Dr. Kenderick O. Wilson, Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard & Dr. Christopher B. Knauss. Used with permission and guidance by these incredible mentors. Our deepest gratitude for your work to create liberating educational experiences for our students and their teachers!