For Principals and Supervisors

ECLC group supporting each other

Principals and supervisors are a critical part of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. Many Educators of Color say their relationship with their supervisor is what keeps them in education—or makes them leave.

Experiences of Teachers of Color in the Puget Sound Region September 2017

As a Principal or Supervisor of an ECLC participant, we see you as a participant and a partner.

Your commitment:

  • Discuss ECLC with you participant and communicate your support.
  • Attend the orientation and end-of-year wrap up
  • Help your educator prioritize ECLC by supporting their substitute and encouraging them to make attendance at ECLC a priority. Teachers often feel worried about leaving their students. Share the message that their growth and wellbeing is necessary so that their students experience a positive, supported, valued educator of color in their classroom.  
  • Please note your educator will be asked for your name and contact info when signing up.